What to choose?

How I succeed to do more than one job and connect them in one business?
My SFI is my primary business that I do for my living. More about SFI you can read here.

AIOP is not business itself It is tools that I use for my SFI business which transferred itself to be a business. Strange!!! Isn’t it???
No it is not strange. AIOP is providing hosting with full c-panel + autoresponder + link tracker +landing page builder in basic version + video maker in pro version. If you decide to go for basic version and pay $11.50/month, you will have great tools for your business that will cost you much more if you get them from other companies separately. Beauty of this all is if you recommend it and get only one affiliate under you , it will be free for you because in AIOP it is 100% of gaining. You will be paid $10 from your 1st downline. $1.50 are payment processors transactions fees. Next affiliate will be passed to your sponsor and 3rd one will be left for you. Chain will continue endlessly. You can signup like this as much as you like. Benefit of this system is in the even members, because all even(2,4,6…etc) members from your downlines will be passed to you. From everyone of them you will get $10 whenever he pays for AIOP. Earning here can be really huge and unlimited. This program with REAL tools will afford the fastest downline building. Everyone needs these tools for his work.

PTC sites are places where I advertise my 2 businesses and earn. when you place your add in anyone of these sites,  it will return to you 120%-180% from money you payed if admin doesn’t decide to take money and disappear. These are very risky sites  and invest in them only money which you can afford to spend for advertisement. If you are lucky enough you might earn something but priority for these sites is that there you will find people for your own primary business.
So, to conclude this post: all my jobs are connected and completing each other; i.e. INTEGRATION!

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