Is IT Real? Earnings ON The Internet


Lately I’m hearing a lot of discussions about earnings on the internet. There are groups who claim that they gain millions and others cry the losses.

My experience in these 10ys of exploring and working on the net is:

There is so big amount of money on the internet but it depends on One’s ability to find and take.

I tried many types of earnings and everywhere I experienced it is related to one’s knowledge about the certain work and type they choose.

If you know programming you can earn by making sites for people who need. If you know other software work, you can get a good amount of money using it. If you enter any MLM work you need to know everything about the type of work. Is it cosmetics?  , is it medicine?, is it alternative medicine?, is it something selling dresses or shoes or something else?.

I started here as a very beginner and was trying to dissolve fog. At first I was losing money because I wanted immediately to have my offline earnings that I had left due to the family matters. After quite a bit amount of losses I began to think why it is happening to me while other people claim that they have high earnings. Problem was my knowledge!!!

After I began to take courses related to internet world I understood that:

1) Money is present much more than in off line

2) For picking up that money, knowledge about every category is needed.

3)Choosing right type of people for that type of work.

You can’t offer to one who is unemployed and  struggling to bring daily food to invest $1000.

On the other side, don’t imagine that one who is already earning $2000-3000/month will be interested about PTC offer. He will laugh at you .

People are discussing MLM and those who entered one MLM and failed are very great fighters against it. Why? Because they failed and they consider everyone the same as they are. I will ask you something now!

Isn’t all off line employment MLM? Think about it.  In one offline company we have general director. Under him there are 2-3 departmental managers. Under them there are20-30 departmental leaders. Under them .. etc.

Is it not a pyramid? Yes it is. What is the difference? The difference is that in one offline pyramid like that you will never have more earnings than your top.  In online you can get it. Many times I saw it. How?

Because, in online no one will manage your position. You are managing it yourself. If you fail in one online business ask yourself honestly why? I will tell you why. Because there was somewhere some gap and you must find it yourself. No one else can know it except you. Internet works simply are not for people who are not self-disciplined. If you want to earn you must be very disciplined 😎  and you must work 😉 .

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