The main importance for any of your offline or online businesses is to be present on the internet where ¾ of today’s population are there. The best presence is via your own website. Website is your own presenter on the internet

while you are sleeping or awaken. It is of great importance for making you available at any time. There are free hosting providers but they are with many disadvantages. One day you may get up and not find your site, so, all your efforts will be lost. The majority of them have many disadvantages and are not permitting links that are of great importance for you.
Hosting can cost from $5 till few of tens of $/month depending on the size of your disk space. AIOP is providing you with hosting and C-panel that are more than enough to make site. C-panel is supplied by one click WP installment. There are other site building possibilities like Joomla, Drupal etc.
The most popular for marketers is WP. It is up to you if you want to build your site on a different manner.
I will explain how to build website by WP in further posts.

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