Beginning Of Life


From the beginning of life Man had to work to get his food, not to die from hunger. Work at that time was so difficult; one had to search on and under earth and one had to hunt an animal or a bird to eat. That was so hard work.

Actually, survival was only for the fit persons.

Advance occurred and man got some tools to work as sharpened stones which he used as knifes and axes. When he discovered fire, it helped him in many aspects of his life.

Life continued, each generation invented or discovered something which improved their life partially and made it less hard.

It has been rightly said that necessity is the mother of inventions. Most of the inventions and discoveries were due to necessity. The history of human progress in all walks of life is the history of man’s endeavor to fulfill his needs.

When man felt hungry, he started hunting and planting the land. The needs for the shelter lead man to build huts and houses to protect him. The need for travel resulted in the invention of the fastest means of transport, which saved time and effort. At the time of necessity, the human mind imagines, thinks and creates what is needed.

The industrial revolution made the work of man automated to a good degree.


That gave him more easy life and gave him time to think what to do in his free time. So, his intellect became invited to work. Books and arts appeared and spread all over the world. That helped brain of human being to develop and to be more creative and more aesthetic. So, other fields of work were widely opened for people who had abilities. Man imagined, at that time, that he reached the end of advances when many types of works and arts were present e.g. medicine, engineering, law, agronomy, cinema, theater, opera etc. It was a false imagination! Although these advances were so important 90% of people, 100 years ago, were living from givens of land or the products of machines or transporting these things between places where people were living.
Only 10% of people at that time were living from the knowledge (doctors, engineers, lawyers…).
By developing the machines, the working power of mankind became not needed in amount like before. Machines replaced the massive manpower and life became easier.
From fields and factories people became to shift to education institutes for the sake of knowledge.

Knowledge revolution happened! ! !

The percentage of intellect people and manual workers turned to be opposite. So, the joblessness became a high percentage, we had to find other jobs.
With appearance of the Internet, new jobs are created in all fields of life.
Since Internet is based on the knowledge, it became the place where we can buy and sell it.
Every work either manual or of brain is now on the internet. Internet became the widest community of the globe. We must not forget that knowledge is needed also for every manual work as it is for brain work.
More and more people are seeking work on the internet. On the internet there is no border, no passport control, even certificate is not needed. Only KNOWLEDGE. is important, we can’t do without it. The level of our knowledge will make us rich or poor. The biggest importance is that all of the needed knowledge is found on the internet itself.
On the internet we have two categories of people, sellers and buyers of knowledge. You can learn where to find work and how to work. Since it is a relatively new field, we got many new tools, techniques and the knowledge to use them.
Internet made easy work; You can gain money easily at home or at any other place. All what is needed a device connected to internet, some time to work and KNOWLEDGE.

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